Welcome on Genevo, the personal site of Willem Schot.
The live is clear as pure water but inscrutable deep.
The live grows also away from the water as does the bud of the lotus.
The live speaks to us without language and her communication is endless.
We cannot survey all the life and can only believe in the unity of live, as our ancestors did.
Their belief was their lack of knowledge and we think to know a lot about the live.
The origin of the life was described by religion and mysticism.
Now we believe  its origin has been described by the rational sciences.
So why do not they agree with each other?
Why should the mysticism be not rational and why should the sciences be not mystic?
Good rational philosophers as Spinoza see this struggle indeed as a misunderstanding.
In short the live puzzles me and makes me curious to know who are our ancestors and why we are different from them….and so I made a genealogy of my ancestors ànd went studying the evolution.
A curious combination people would think. I did see this indeed as two different actions, without liaison, but nevertheless later on arose a link between the genealogy and the micro-evolution study. Requiring your ancestry is very funny, but the evolution study arose by asking principle questions like: how is it possible that the genetic systems can plainly change and how can arise plainly a new species by this passive selection only on external conditions, as I did learn it. I want to know anything about these curious things. So at first I needed a correct insight in the basis of this: what is the genuine scientific tenet of the micro-evolution, learning the genetic changing within the species caused by the differential transfer of mutated genes to the following generations by selection or accident. The theoretical basis by calculating the probabilities of  the gene transfer should be clearly explained in the manuals and the scientific data, I supposed, but this was not fulfilled. The calculations, I did find, about the genetic drift disappointed me, giving not the direct information about the differentiation in the numbers of the transferred mutations. That is why I decided to search for this direct information by calculating simply with the statistic distributions. The calculations, the conclusions and ideas about the micro-evolution are published on this site. It in plan is a philosophical study as a start for a much wider study about the evolution that yet is to be made. This is the summery.